Hygitest Sorbent Tubes

Hygitest Ltd is a manufacturing firm for period of 40 years. It is housed in the building of the Research Institute of Hygiene and Occupational Health in Sofia. The close integration of production and research is a guarantee for effective quality control, continuous development and improved express control. Hygitest Ltd is a leading firm in south-east EUROPE and offers the best product, which competes in quality (ISO 9001) and price with the firms in the world producing this product. Hygitest Ltd sorbent tubes are sold success in Italy, Spain, France, USA, Malaysia and etc. Hygitest sorbent tubes comply with all US NIOSH specifications for tube dimensions, adsorbent quality and particle size, divider composition and pore size. These tubes are designed for use in conjunction with all low flow air sampling systems and common tube holding systems. 
Hygitest sorbent tubes are manufactured under stringent quality control to provide:
# Physical dimensions to assure proper fit in tube holder systems
# Uniform pressure drop to assure repeatable sampling results
# Accurate sorbent weight for uniform testing results
# Highest sorbent material purity for contamination-free samples
Typically, each tube is divided into two adsorbent sections. The first section is twice the size of the back section and will collect the compounds of interest. The second section is a backup section to determine if airborn contaminants breakthrough occurred on the front section.


Coconut Charcoal 12 products
Silica Gel 20 products
Microlite 2 products
Molecular Sieve 2 products
Soda Lime 1 products
Anasorb 747 5 products
XAD-2 13 products
XAD-7 3 products
Chromosorb 10 products
Florisil 2 products
Porapak 6 products
Tenax 5 products
Oxidizer 2 products
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