Hygitest XAD-7 200/100mg
Hygitest XAD-7 200/100mg XAD-7 Sorbent Tubes (Popular) Industrial Hygiene Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Klang Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Inter Products Marketing Sdn Bhd


Hygitest / ST 23-03
XAD-7, 200/100mg, 2 sections, 8x13mm, glass fiber open end
Packing size:10 tubes / box
Ref Methods (The information is for reference only and may change from time to time. Please contact us for confirmation.) :
NIOSH 5523
NIOSH 5701
Chemical CAS No. Method
Acrylamide 79-06-1 OSHA PV2004
Butylated hydroxytoluene 128-37-0 OSHA PV2108
1,3-Butylene glycol (glycols) 107-88-0 NIOSH 5523
Caprolactam 105-60-2 OSHA PV2012
Catechol (pyrocatechol) 120-80-9 OSHA PV2014
di-tert-butyl-p-Cresol 128-37-0 OSHA PV2108
Diethylene glycol (glycols) 111-46-6 NIOSH 5523
1,2-Ethanediol (ethylene glycol) (glycols) 107-21-1 NIOSH 5523
Ethylene glycol (glycols) 107-21-1 NIOSH 5523
Glycols   NIOSH 5523
Propylene glycol 57-55-6 NIOSH 5523
Propylene glycol 57-55-6 OSHA PV2051
Resorcinol 108-46-3 NIOSH 5701
Tetraethylene glycol 112-60-7 NIOSH 5523
Triethylene glycol 112-27-6 NIOSH 5523

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