Devex Multi-layer Gas Sampling Bag
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Devex film has very low background, little contamination and with good elasticity.  It is composes of total 11 layer films (PET, PA, Aluminum, PE, etc) with thickness around 75um which is thinner than Aluminium foil (multi layer) film. It will not has hard-brittle in cold condition, unlike Aluminium-foil(multi-layer) film. It has superb strength, low permeability and possesses excellent chemical inertness and stability. Devex film is superior to Aluminium-foil composite film.
Ideal for sampling and storing H2S and for low molecular weight compounds such as Methane, CO/CO2, Hydrogen, and inert gases which are not stable in Tedlar, Kynar, or FEP. Lightproof and moistureproof. It provides up to five day sample stability with minimal absorption.


Compose of total 11 layer films
Very low background, little contamination and good elasticity
Superb strength and low permeability
Excellent chemical inertness and stability
Low price and highly cost effective


Suitable for gases withstable chemical properties such as pyrolysis gas, natural gas, coal bed gas, smoke dust gas, ambient atmosphere and technological process reaction gas.It is widely used in petrochemical industry and environmental monitor. Devex gas sampling bag can ensure that the low concentration (PPM) component is constant for 1-3 month.
Suitable for sampling the non-methane hydrocarbon.
Suitable for low level of hydrogen(H2), oxyen(O2), nitrogen(N2), argon(Ar), methane(CH4), carbon monoxide(CO) and carbon dioxide(CO2).
Suitable to lucifuge sampling for photosensitive gas.
*It is not recommended to use for gases with high chemical, corrosivity and strong oxidizing property such as hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxides, strong basicity gas and halogens gas or low content component ppb level.

Maximum Capacity (liter) Packing size (piece per pack) Valve Type
Single PP  Double PP Single PC Double PC Single PC  Double PC  Single PTFE  Double PTFE
(Side Opening) (Side Opening)
0.3 10 Devex03PP(S) Devex03PP(D) Devex03PC(S) Devex03PC(D) Devex03PC(S)* Devex03PC(D)* Devex03PTFE(S) Devex03PTFE(D)
0.5 10 Devex05PP(S) Devex05PP(D) Devex05P(S) Devex05PC(D) Devex05PC(S)* Devex05PC(D)* Devex05PTFE(S) Devex05PTFE(D)
1 10 Devex1PP(S) Devex1PP(D) Devex1PPCS) Devex1PC(D) Devex1PC(S)* Devex1PC(D)* Devex1PTFE(S) Devex1PTFE(D)
2 10 Devex2PP(S) Devex2PP(D) Devex2PC(S) Devex2PC(D) Devex2PC(S)* Devex2PC(D)* Devex2PTFE(S) Devex2PTFE(D)
3 10 Devex3PP(S) Devex3PP(D) Devex3PC(S) Devex3PC(D) Devex3PC(S)* Devex3PC(D)* Devex3PTFE(S) Devex3PTFE(D)
4 10 Devex4PP(S) Devex4PP(D) Devex4PC(S) Devex4PC(D) Devex4PC(S)* Devex4PC(D)* Devex4PTFE(S) Devex4PTFE(D)
5 10 Devex5PP(S) Devex5PP(D) Devex5PC(S) Devex5PC(D) Devex5PC(S)* Devex5PC(D)* Devex5PTFE(S) Devex5PTFE(D)
8 10 Devex8PP(S) Devex8PP(D) Devex8PC(S) Devex8PC(D) Devex8PC(S)* Devex8PC(D)* Devex8PTFE(S) Devex8PTFE(D)
10 10 Devex10PP(S) Devex10PP(D) Devex10PC(S) Devex10PC(D) Devex10PC(S)* Devex10PC(D)* Devex10PTFE(S) Devex10PTFE(D)
15 5 Devex15PP(S) Devex15PP(D) Devex15PC(S) Devex15PC(D) Devex15PC(S)* Devex15PC(D)* Devex15PTFE(S) Devex15PTFE(D)
20 5 Devex20PP(S) Devex20PP(D) Devex20PC(S) Devex20PC(D) Devex20PC(S)* Devex20PC(D)* Devex20PTFE(S) Devex20PTFE(D)
25 5 Devex25PP(S) Devex25PP(D) Devex25PC(S) Devex25PC(D) Devex25PC(S)* Devex25PC(D)* Devex25PTFE(S) Devex25PTFE(D)
30 5 Devex30PP(S) Devex30PP(D) Devex30PC(S) Devex30PC(D) Devex30PC(S)* Devex30PC(D)* Devex30PTFE(S) Devex30PTFE(D)
40 5 Devex40PP(S) Devex40PP(D) Devex40PC(S) Devex40PC(D) Devex40PC(S)* Devex40PC(D)* Devex40PTFE(S) Devex40PTFE(D)
50 2 Devex50PP(S) Devex50PP(D) Devex50PC(S) Devex50PC(D) Devex50PC(S)* Devex50PC(D)* Devex50PTFE(S) Devex50PTFE(D)
80 2 Devex80PP(S) Devex80PP(D) Devex80PC(S) Devex80PC(D) Devex80PC(S)* Devex80PC(D)* Devex80PTFE(S) Devex80PTFE(D)
100 2 Devex100PP(S) Devex100PP(D) Devex100PC(S) Devex100PC(D) Devex100PC(S)* Devex100PC(D)* Devex100PTFE(S) Devex100PTFE(D)

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