Quartz Microfiber Filter, Binderless
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  • Ideal for use in acidic gases and aerosols, stacks and flue gas monitoring.
  • This media meets or exceeds the physical, performance and elemental requirements for EPA PM10, Ambient Air Monitoring methods.
  • Ideal for use in acidic gases (except Hydrofluoric) and aerosols, stacks and flue gas monitoring.
  • Uniform screen & felt sides with uniform density MD/CD.
  • Manufacturing performed with RO water filtration system.
  • This media demonstrates excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility.
  • Material chemistries are verified against a standard using GC techniques prior to paper making process.
  • Most cost effective material of its kind offered in the analytical market today.

Technical Specifications

Material Attributes:  High purity, binder free Quartz (SiO2) glass microfiber filter
Particle retention:  2.0 - 2.2μm
(Minimum retention tested 99.998% DOP (0.3μm) ASTM D2986)
Basis weight:  85 g/m2
Thickness:  0.45 - 0.47mm
Maximum Temp:  950° C
Flow rate:  1.1 – 1.35 m3 /min (Resistance 95mm H2O @ 10.5 ft/min)
Loss on Ignition:   <6%
Tensile strength (ASTM D828):  215g / 15mm 
MD Tensile (TAPPI T494): 7.3 lbs/in 

Catalogue No. Description Packing size
Q25-100 Quartz Microfiber filter with 2.5cm diameter 100
Q37-100 Quartz Microfiber filter with 3.7cm diameter 100
Q47-100 Quartz Microfiber filter with 4.7cm diameter 100

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