Gastec Detection Tubes (Detector tubes for Automatic air sampling pump)
Gastec Detection Tubes (Detector tubes for Automatic air sampling pump) Detection Tube Air Quality Environmental Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Klang Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Inter Products Marketing Sdn Bhd
A detector tube that performs measurements using an automatic air sampling pump.

The automatic air sampling pump samples the air sample for a set duration of time and at a set speed via the detector tube. This allows for measurements of malodorous substances, and of the working/indoor environment.

Chemical to measure Measurement Range (ppm) Tube No.
Acetone  25-800 151TP
Acrylonitrile 0.2-12.6 191TP
Benzene 250-3,000µg/m3 121P
Chlorine  0.05-0.6 8TP
p-Dichlorobenzene  100-3,000µg/m3 127P
Ethyl benzene  110-2,750µg/m3 122P
Ethylene oxide  1-50 163TPM
Ethylene oxide  0.1-5 163TP
Formaldehyde  0.01-1.75 91TP
Formaldehyde  0.01-0.80 91PL
Formaldehyde  0.02-1.44 91P
Hexane  2-80 102TP
Hydrogen cyanide  0.3-9.0 12TP
Hydrogen fluoride  0.05-9.0 17TP
Hydrogen sulphide  0.5-16.0 4TP
Isopropyl alcohol  20-400 113TP
Methanol 20-300 111TP
Methyl ethyl ketone  20-300 152TP
Nitrogen dioxide  0.02-0.2 9P
Toluene  100-7,000µg/m3 122P
Toluene  2-80 122TP
Trichloroethylene  20-1,200µg/m3 132P
Trichloroethylene 1-33 132TP
Vinyl chloride  50-1,500µg/m3 131P
Xylene  2-80 123TP
p-Xylene (for Automatic Air Sampling Pump) 540-13,500mg/m3 122P

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