Gastec Detection Tube for Dissolved Substances in Solution
Gastec Detection Tube for Dissolved Substances in Solution Detection Tube for Solution Water Quality Environmental Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Klang Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Inter Products Marketing Sdn Bhd
To measure, simply immerse the detector tube in a sample of liquid (placed in a beaker or other container). Anyone can measure concentrations quickly, easily and accurately on site.

Chemical to be measured Measuring Range (ppm) Tube No.
Bromide Ion in Solution 24-480mg/L 221LL
Bromide Ion in Solution 55-2,200mg/L 221L
Chloride Ion in Solution 10-200mg/L 221LL
Chloride Ion in Solution 25-1,000mg/L 221L
Chromium (VI) Ion in Solution 0.5-50mg/L 273
Copper Ion in Solution 1-20mg/L 284
Iron Ion in Solution 5-50mg/L 281
Mercury in Solution 1-20mg/L 271
Nickel in Solution 5-50mg/L 291
Ozone in Solution 1-10mg/L 218
Sulphide Ion in Solution 0.5-20 211LL
Sulphide Ion in Solution 10-1,000 211H
Sulphide Ion in Solution 1-100 211
Sulphide Ion in Solution 2-300 211M
Zinc in Solution 3-20mg/L 285

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