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Gastec Colour Dosimeter Tubes (Dosi-tubes) provide reliable, on-the-spot Time-Weighted Average (TWA) monitoring of worker exposure to gases and vapours. The system is simple-to-use and easy-to-read, with no need for a pump, chart, or laboratory analysis. The Dosi-tube system allows an operator to evaluate the level of exposure over a long time period such as a working shift.
The system consists of Gastec Dosi-tubes and a tube holder (part number 810-710). The pre-scored ends of the tube are simply snapped off and the tube inserted into a tube holder. Air diffuses passively through the tube and reacts with the detecting reagent within, giving a colour change result that is indicated on the printed scale. The tube holder can either be attached in a worker’s breathing zone or installed in work areas to act as an area monitor.
Using a simple equation, the Dosi-tube system produces an average concentration of exposure over a set period of time – commonly known as a Time Weighted Average (TWA). To calculate the ppm level simply read the printed calibrated scale on the tube for exposure measurement in parts-per-million-hours (ppm-hours), and divide the reading by the number of hours sampled.

Note: When measuring carbon dioxide, mount the tube holder on the worker’s waist rather than in their breathing zone. This will avoid overstating CO2 levels due to exhalation.

Description Pack Size Part Number
Dosi-Tube Holder 3 710
Tube Breaker Each 722

Gas or Vapour to be Measured Measuring Range (ppm) Gastec Tube No.
Acetaldehyde (Dosi tube) 1.2-360 152D
Acetaldehyde (Dosi tube) 4-1,200 151D
Acetaldehyde (Dosi tube) 0.1-20 91D
Acetic acid (Dosi tube) 0.5-100 81D
Acetic anhydride (Dosi tube) 0.3-60 81D
Acetone (Dosi tube) 5-1,500 151D
Acetone (Dosi tube) 1.4-420 152D
Ammonia (Dosi tube) 0.1-10 3DL
Ammonia (Dosi tube) 2.5-1,000 3D
Benzene (Dosi tube) 2.4-600 122DL
1,3-Butadiene (Dosi tube) 1.3-200 174D
Carbon dioxide (Dosi tube) 0.02-12% 2D
Carbon monoxide (Dosi tube) 1.04-2,000 1D
Carbon monoxide (Dosi tube) 0.4-400 1DL
Chlorine (Dosi tube) 0.08-100 8D
Cumene (Dosi tube) 3.4-850 122DL
trans-1,2-Dichloroethylene (Dosi tube) 3.9-600 174D
Dimethylamine (Dosi tube) 1.9-750 3D
N,N-Dimethylethylamine (Dosi tube) 4-1600 3D
Ethanol (Dosi tube) 100-25,000 112D
Ethyl benzene (Dosi tube) 2.8-700 122DL
Ethylene (Dosi tube) 1.56-240 174D
Formaldehyde (Dosi tube) 0.1-20 91D
Formic acid (Dosi tube) 0.55-110 81D
Furfural (Dosi tube) 0.3-60 91D
Hydrazine (Dosi tube) 1.6-650 3D
Hydrogen Chloride (Dosi tube) 1.8-180 132D
Hydrogen chloride (Dosi tube) 1-100 14D
Hydrogen cyanide (Dosi tube) 1-200 12D
Hydrogen fluoride (Dosi tube) 1-100 17D
Hydrogen fluoride (Dosi tube) 2.5-250 14D
Hydrogen peroxide (Dosi tube) 0.5-40 32D
Hydrogen sulphide (Dosi tube) 0.2-200 4D
Isoprene (Dosi tube) 2.6-400 174D
Methy ethyl ketone (Dosi tube) 2-600 152D
Methyl ethyl ketone (Dosi tube) 0.125-25 91D
Methyl ethyl ketone (Dosi tube) 6.5-1,950 151D
Methyl isobutyl ketone (Dosi tube) 11.5-3,450 151D
Methyl isobutyl ketone (Dosi tube) 4-1200 152D
Methylamine (Dosi tube) 0.19-19 3DL
Nitric acid (Dosi tube) 0.8-80 14D
NItric acid (Dosi tube) 0.32-32 17D
Nitrogen dioxide (Dosi tube) 0.01-3.0 9DL
Nitrogen dioxide (Dosi tube) 0.1-30 9D
Styrene (Dosi tube) 26-6,500 122DL
Sulphur dioxide (Dosi tube) 10-600 5DH
Sulphur dioxide (Dosi tube) 0.2-100 5D
Tetrachloroethylene (Dosi tube) 1.5-150 132D
Tetrachloroethylene (Dosi tube) 3-150 133D
Toluene (Dosi tube) 2-500 122DL
Trichloroethylene (Dosi tube) 3-300 132D
Triethylamine (Dosi tube) 5.3-2,100 3D
Trimethylamine (Dosi tube) 0.23-23 3DL
Vinyl Chloride (Dosi tube) 1.56-240 174D
Xylene (Dosit tube) 3.4-850 122DL

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